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For reconstructing elementary and junior high schools in the disaster areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake

Financial Reports

This page reports the details of your financial contributions and our expenses.

  The 2nd financial report
(2nd quarter, 2011 : from Jul. 1, 2011 to Sep. 30, 2011)

 Item  Subtotal
 Contributions in cash and by bank transfer  \221,000
 Contributions from fund raising activities  \94,675
 Others (interests etc.) \7 
 Total  \315,682


Item Unit Price Unit Subtotal
Kesen Elementary School School toolboxes \590 10 \5,900
Other spendings \210
Total \6,110


Revenue  Balance carried forward  Spending  Total 
\ 315,682 \498,341 \ 6,110  \807,913

4.Number of contributors
The number of people who made financial contributions in cash and through bank transfer during the current period.

 Graduates from three schools General public  Total 
 5 19  23