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For reconstructing elementary and junior high schools in the disaster areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake


This page presents images and videos of our home town Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture.

Landscape of Rikuzentakata City before the earthquake

Our Rikuzentakata City was a place of scenic beauty, especially famous for "Takata Matsubara," a picturesque ocean view designated as one of the top hundred scenic views in Japan. During the short summer, "Kesen-cho Kenka Tanabata Festival" enlivens the City. The "Kesen River" is the city's symbol.

 Takata Matsubara

 Kesen-cho Kenka Tanabata Festival

 Images of the City and our school

Please contact us if you have pictures and/or videos of Rikuzentakata before the earthquake and want to post them on our web site.

In addition, please send us your pictures of Rikuzentakata for the "Mirai e no Kioku (the memory for the future)" web site offered by Google.
Images of Rikuzentakata    Images of Takata Matsubara
Images of Kesen-cho, Rikuzentakata    Kesen-cho Kenka Tanabata Festival

  Photo Album "Kesen, a devastated district"

Mr. Tomohiro Murata, president of "Murata Printing Service" in Ofunato, Iwate, published a photo album entitled "Kesen, a Devastated District." For detailed information, please click here (In Japanese only).

  Post-earthquake Images of Rikuzentakata

A massive tsunami, triggered by the great earthquake of March 11, 2011 whose epicentre was off the Sanriku region, washed away Rikuzentakata, reducing the city to rubble. The elementary schools and junior high school where we studied were also damaged by the tsunami and the city's landscape changed completely.

 Images of Rikuzentakata City (especially Kesen-cho district), Iwate Prefecture in March and April 2011.

Images of Rikuzentakata City (especially Kesen-cho district), Iwate Prefecture in August 2011.